Susan and David Burwen, part-time residents of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, for nearly thirty years, are avid hikers and skiers who love the area for its magnificent mountains and abundant wildlife.

Married since 1968, the Burwens often partner on a variety of projects. When at their primary residence in Mountain View, California, they promote start-up companies through venture capital and consulting. They also manage the Burwen Education Foundation, which they founded to provide college scholarships to high-potential students from disadvantaged backgrounds. In addition, David produces videos of their global travels and Susan spends time with her horses.

The Burwens became great admirers of Carl Roters’ artwork when they first saw his paintings during a visit to Jackson Hole in 1971. They subsequently met the artist and developed a friendship that lasted until his death in 1989. This book pays tribute to Carl Roters and the legacy of the Rendezvous Murals.





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The epic Rendezvous Murals and Roters' other paintings bring to life the colorful era, following Lewis & Clark, when mountain men opened up the new western frontier and traders brought supplies 1000's of miles by caravan to the annual Rendezvous, VENTURE DEVELOPMENT GROUP, Click here to buy the book Carl Roters and the Rendezvous Murals
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